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TLAPD [23 Sep 2005|01:59am]

Greetings all fellow pyrates...

Here be photos of my get-together on International Annual Talk Like A Pyrate Day!


Hope you enjoy them... and hope everyone else will be putting up plenty more soon... grrrr!!! Or ye'll be keelhauled!


Captain Pizazz the Pyrate Queen of the walloping Window-Blind
X-Posted to the usuals.

PS: Not particularly glamourous or anything, but very piratey.
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[09 May 2005|01:33pm]

Please go to this link and help me get my ipod, and you can get one for yourself too. It might be a bit of a wait but its better than paying for one!

I know it seems that you have to spend money on the offers all but you don’t, i signed up for the DVD offer, its like the blockbuster monthly rental but a different company, its a free trial which you can either choose to complete and watch DVDs for free or just sign up and then cancel like I did, at no cost to yourself.

Please consider going back to look it will not cost you anything and you will massively helping me out, possibly getting an ipod for yourself?!


Also for those people trying to get referrals this website is supposed to help:

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Performances Galore! (Boston, MA) [13 Feb 2005|06:22pm]

I will have pictures-posters to put up soon, but for now here are my upcoming performances:

The Tribe Presents: Variety Show
This Friday, Feb 18, 8pm at Buzz Boston
19+, $15($12 online)
High Femme Drag

Wreckage: The Contest Show
at Jacques
Monday, Feb 21, 10pm
21+, $6
High Femme & Cowboy Drag King

Pan 9
Saturday, Feb 26,
Grindhouse Marionettes

Ominous Collective
at Zeitgeist Art Gallery
Saturday, March 5, 7pm
$7 donation
Titticut Follies & Imo'an Performance Troupe

The Tribe Presents: Variety Show
Friday, March 4, 8pm
19+, $15($12 online)
Grindhouse Marionettes
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This Monday!!! (Boston, MA) [05 Feb 2005|04:59pm]

Just a Friendly Reminder...

Nomi Sparks Does TraniWreck!!!
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Come One! Come All! [19 Jan 2005|11:43pm]

Come see my debut Drag Performance!!! (and make them want to ASK ME BACK NEXT MONTH!!!)

Nomi Sparks Does TraniWreck!!!
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PHYSICAL COMEDY WORKSHOP [01 Jan 2005|10:57pm]

January 29, 2-5pm

CasaNia, 46 Porter Rd.
Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Cost: $30 ($40 after Jan, 15)
Maximum Participants: 16

To register contact
Naomi Bennett

A class exploring the use of the body in comedy, and the creation of physical characters.

We'll begin with work in group dynamics, rhythm, timing and play, and then move on to specific character work including exercises in observation and exaggeration, movement and vocalization, Lazzi (short comic improvs drawn from Commedia dell'Arte), and character influences such as Animals and the Natural Elements.

Naomi Bennett has been a physical comedian and movement artist for over two years, and before that worked as a director and producor in the Amherst and Boston areas, including a benifit performance of "The Vagina Monologues" and "Vietnam X" an original piece about second generation perspectives on the Vietnam War.

She has studied Commedia dell'Arte in Italy with VeneziaINscena, Physical Theatre with Andrew Hammerson in Montreal, locally with the Stanislavski Summer School, and earned a degree in Theatre from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has most recently been seen in the Illegitmate Theatre Company's "Some of My Best Friends are Men", loosely inspired by Gore Vidal's "Myra Breckinridge". Miss Bennett is currently working with the all woman clown troupe, "Only Fooling".
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If you are in Cambridge, MA this week... [24 Oct 2004|02:09pm]

Check out this great review we got of "Some of My Best Friends are Men..."
Globe Review


SHOW DATES: Wednesday October 27, 2004 (with Sukey Tawdry)

WHERE: Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire Street in Inman
Square Cambridge. 617-876-9330. Cabaret seating,
dinner available. 8 pm doors, musical starts at 10 pm.
$8. advance tix recommended www.ryles.com . 21 plus.


p.s. - if you really want to, you can watch the game at Ryles while you're watching our FABULOUS show!
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Anyone in the Cambridge area, check out my next show! [07 Oct 2004|06:16pm]


My next show, read more, If you dare! ;)Collapse )
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day! [08 Sep 2004|07:14pm]

[ mood | Piratical! ]

Hello all me fair hearties, well TLaPd is almost here, 19th of September! Hopefully I'll be having a pirate party on the beach in front of my dad's house, we'll dress as pirates, talk like pirates and sail around on my dinghy! It shall be loads of fun... what is everyone else doing?? Anything? I got a pirate flag for my bday... w00t! anyhoo, gtg now.

Drink up, me hearties!

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ahoy there mateeze [03 Sep 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi,good to know i can share my pirate fetish with others,of course potc is fantastic as jonny is a god but i also have room in my heart for that 80's classic THE GOONIES anyone else remember it?
have just treated myself to gorgeous skull and crossbone mini
will post pic soon

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[29 Jul 2004|02:32pm]

[ mood | sick ]


I joined this community because,

A) Pirates rock
B) POTC was the best movie ever
C) This community seems pretty cool
d) New friends are good
E) Im having a pirate themed birthday party in a few weeks and im desperate to show off to people who'll appreciate it!


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[25 Mar 2004|11:56am]

[ mood | content ]

I'm new to the community...I just wanted to say that Pirates of the Caribbean was a crazy good movie! I really enjoyed it. Well...I'd like to get to know some new people...leave a comment if you'd like...

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[14 Feb 2004|11:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello! New to the community, and it seems like a good idea with very good intrests. You just have to get it up and running now! I will publicise it, if you want, because im sure lots of my friends would be intreted :p
Incase you were wondering where i heard of you, i say the post int he jack sparrow community. Yay for Jack! yay for Johnny <3 <3 <3
Oh by the way, as soon as my friend will let me steal her scanner i shall upload some photo's of various fashion items made.

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beautiful :P [10 Feb 2004|08:27pm]

[ mood | awake ]

title or description


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Pirates Rock [10 Feb 2004|01:59pm]

I think the subject title gives you the jist of this post

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digital_pirate loves [09 Feb 2004|02:56pm]

title or description
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love on vinyl [09 Feb 2004|12:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

well, first post. New to this, so hopefully it'll all be okay :x


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